Our Board of Directors on the national level is an astounding group of enviromentalists and stewards of the planet including Ed Begley, Jr., Raphael Sbarge and other noted Hollywood personalities. Other supporters include noted scientists, local philanthropists, business members and volunteers. See our Board Of Directors listing for more information.

Green Wish™ Kansas, our newest local chapter, is lead by Victoria Bogner, a local leader in the financial investment arena as well as being deeply devoted to her work as a volunteer and steward of change. The Kansas Board of Directors include other local philanthropists, business people and valued experts. See their Board Of Directors listing for more information.

EEK-O-Halloween™, and Green Wish™, would never have been possible of it weren't for the generous support and funding from the California Institute of Contemporary Arts, McDaniel Knutson, and others.

And most valued? YOU. Your attention, interest and care for the planet. Green Wish™ and EEK-O-Halloween™ need your help. Get involved.

Green Wish™ is a non-profit that helps local, green, organizations fund projects for their communities through donations at retailers and from concerned neighbors like you.




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Green Wish™ is a registered non-profit: 501-(c)3, EIN #37-1567309.




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