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Los Angeles, CA – The Ed Begley, Jr.  web series, “On Begley Street”, does more than just document the building of America's greenest home; it also helps communities go green through donations to Green Wish™.  Ed Begley Jr., one of the most recognized names in the environmental movement, is creating a web series to help promote and share how to go about living green by documenting his own green building efforts.  But Ed is not stopping there.  He is also donating a portion of the proceeds from the show to Green Wish™ to help others accomplish their own green building efforts. “We want to do more than just share the knowledge,” states Ed,“ We want to enable people into action and Green Wish is a direct means to do just that.”

Green Wish™ is a non-profit charitable organization that assists local green organizations fund community oriented projects with the help of local retailers and online fund sourcing. According to Billy Frank, Exec-Producer of the series and owner of Make It Happen Productions, “It is really a great synergistic relationship that the series has with Green Wish™.  We test things out, show the audience what works, and they can try to incorporate that into their own communities, potentially with the help of Green Wish™ to make it possible.”  Raphael Sbarge, who founded Green Wish™ stated, “It is truly wonderful to have the iconic Begley’s demonstrate their support for Green Wish™ by sharing their project with us.” 

Make It Happen Productions recently announced that a crowd-funding campaign for the series received a major boost from the California Institute of Contemporary Arts (CICA) when the San Diego based non-profit donated enough funds to cover 50% of the show’s fundraising goal of $25,000 on Kickstarter.  “We all need to live more greenly, and there is no one better then Ed Begley, Jr. and his family to show the world how to be environmentally sane and do it in a creative and artistic way,” said CICA Board President Tom Reise. “On Begley Street” is focused on sustainable living and building. “We created the series to show others how they can live a green lifestyle, save money, and have fun all at once,” said Rachelle Carson-Begley. “The support we’ve received from groups like CICA has made all of us work harder to promote the benefits of sustainable living.” “ON BEGLEY STREET” is currently filming in Los Angeles, CA, and slated to debut in the Fall of 2012.

Click above to read Awareness® article with Green Wish™ founder, Raphael Sbarge.


Green Wish™ has been chosen as the benefit of choice by Anawalt Lumber Stores and Unique L.A., The Eco-Emmy's, The Living with Ed, televised 60th birthday event and My Work Butterfly and more.

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Local Los Angeles Hardware Chain To Enable Donations to Green Wish™ In Stores

Contact: Erica Forrette for Green Wish <>

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 28, 2010 – Green Wish, the grassroots non-profit
charitable organization that helps local green organizations fund projects
for their communities, today announced a partnership with Anawalt Lumber.
Anawalt Lumber is one of the last family-owned and operated lumber/hardware
companies in Los Angeles, with 3 LA-area locations.

Green Wish accepts "pay what you can" donations at local retailers by
enabling customers at these retail locations to make small donations at the
cash register. Green Wish then facilitates aggregating and routing these
donations to nine different local green organizations. In the past year,
Green Wish donations have funded projects at non-profits including Surfrider
Foundation, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, Algalita, and the Los Angeles
Conservation Corps.

“We are excited to partner with Anawalt Lumber to enable donations for local
green organizations at Anawalt’s three LA locations,” stated Raphael Sbarge,
Green Wish founder. “Their standing as a local Los Angeles community
institution matches perfectly with Green Wish’s philosophy of supporting
local green community organizations. We anticipate an enthusiastic response
from Anawalt’s customer base in supporting our nine local green

In celebration of the new partnership, several celebrity environmentalists
serving on Green Wish’s board will present at Anawalt’s 10th Annual Garden
Event. The event will focus on the practical application of green gardening
at home. Speakers from the Green Wish board include Ed Begley Jr., Rachelle
Carson-Begley, Sharon Lawrence, and Darren Moore. Anawalt’s Garden Event
will be on May 1 and 2, 2010 from 11am-3pm at 1160 W. Pico Blvd., Los
Angeles, CA 90064. For more information, please visit
<> .


LA’s Independent Design & Gift Show To Donate A Portion of Sales To Green

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 13, 2010 – Unique LA, the largest independent design
show in the country, has selected Green Wish as its charity partner for the
Spring show on April 24-25, 2010. As Unique LA’s partner, Green Wish will
benefit from exposure to over 5,000 event attendees, and will receive a
portion of ticket sales.

Green Wish is a grassroots non-profit charitable organization that helps
local green organizations fund projects for their communities through "pay
what you can" donations at local retailers and online. In the past year,
Green Wish has funded projects at nine local green non-profits including
Surfrider Foundation, Algalita, and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps.

“We are truly grateful to Unique LA’s organizers for selecting Green Wish as
their charity partner,” stated Raphael Sbarge, Green Wish founder. “The
awareness we’ll receive at the show, as well as the generous donation of
funds, will help increase our ability to identify and contribute to even
more green community projects. And, our philosophy of supporting local
green organizations is right in line with the show’s support of local

UniqueLA’s Spring show is being held April 24-25, 2010, from 11am-6pm at the
California Market Center at 110 E. 9th St. in Downtown Los Angeles and will
feature over 300 hand-selected Los Angeles-area designers and artists.
Admission is $10 per person. To purchase advance tickets and get more event
information, please visit <> .

About Green Wish:

Green Wish is a grassroots, non-profit charitable organization that is
focused on helping local green organizations and groups fund projects for
their communities through small donations at local retailers and online in
"pay what you can" denominations. Green Wish grants "Green Wishes" to
different groups each month from submissions to their website, which are
vetted by the board of directors. Board members of Green Wish include Ed
Begley Jr and his wife, Rachelle Carson Begley, well-known actors and
environmentalists. The Begley’s are also the stars of the hit show Living
with Ed <> . Sharon Lawrence, Emmy-nominated
actress and supporter of ecological causes including Global Green, Heal the
Bay, and World Wildlife Federation, also sits on the Green Wish board.
Green Wish is listed as a charitable organization at
<> and
<> , and online donations can be made at either





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